What does it really mean to pray?

"What does it mean to really pray? It means speaking the words in your heart to God and communicating with God while understanding His will, based on His words; it means feeling special close to God, feeling that He is for you and that you are against Him have a say; and it above all, it means radiating from within your heart and feeling that God is extremely lovable. You will feel special inspired and after hearing your words your brothers and sisters will be satisfied, they will feel that thewords you speak are the words in their hearts, the words they wish to say and that what you tell them gt represents what they want to say. This is what it means to truly pray. " "If you can spend one or two hours each day living a truly spiritual life, your life will feel richer and your heart will be clear and clear.". If you can live such a spiritual life every day, your heart will be able to return to God further and your spirit will grow stronger . Your condition will gradually improve, you will be better able to go in the way of the Holy Spirit. and God will bless you abundantly."

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