The kind tailor

Once upon a time there was a very poor but talented tailor . He lived in a very poor house with his wife and kids .

The tailor’s family could barely find their daily needs from food or money to buy other needed things . They fed on bread almost all the time… bread only … but they were truly happy .

The tailor and his wife were so kind to their kids and to people around them . They were poor , but they never forgot about helping people all the time . Their kids too learned kindness from them and found happiness helping people around them .

The tailor always asked his family not to forget to help everyone even if it was with no benefit for them .

People living around the tailor knew that he was a  talented tailor but he never had the chance of making a good use from his talent . The kind tailor never stopped sewing new clothes for the poor people around him and never asked for any money from them if they didn’t have .

The tailor believed that one day everything will be better and all that the goodness that he kept doing to people will be on his side one day .

A wise man out of the town heard about the talented tailor and thought that he might pay him a visit one day and ask him to sew him some clothes.

He knew about that talented tailor from his servant when he asked him if he knew a good tailor to sew him some clothes but also told him that he wanted an honest one and someone who wasn’t greedy …

The servant told him that when he was in the tailor’s town , his clothes were torn and needed to be fixed but he had no money . He left to fix it at the tailor’s house and asked him to pay him back later because he had no money . When the tailor heard that from him , he didn’t ask for any money at all and told him that he could pay him at any time he had money .

The wise man asked his servant if the tailor was rich that’s why he was helping people , but he was surprised to know that he could barely feed his family .

The wise man asked his servant if that tailor was talented and the servant told him that he was the best . The wise man felt that he had to see that tailor himself.

He traveled to the small town one morning by himself. When he reached the town he asked for the tailor . Everyone knew the tailor’s house . They showed him his place . When the wise man reached his house , he asked him if he could sew him a torn piece of cloth but told him that he didn’t have any money to pay him at the moment…

The tailor knew that the wise man was from out of town but still couldn’t stop helping him . He told him that he can fix his clothes without any money and added that he can repay him once he had money.

The wise man was surprised because the tailor didn’t know him but couldn’t do anything but help him. The wise man thought how can the tailor be that poor and not greedy when he was in dire for money. The tailor was such a kind person and because of his kindness it was time for his reward.

The wise man told the tailor that he was such a good person and because of his kindness wanted him to become his tailor . He told him that he had the money to pay him but he wanted to make sure that you wasn’t greedy…

The wise man told him that he will give him a big amount of money to sew him lots of clothes. What the wise man told the poor tailor made him and his poor family so happy… he kept telling his family that goodness will be on their side one day

… he also asked them to never stop helping people in need…

The End

Short stories for students told us the story of the poor and kind tailor who helped all people and was rewarded in the end …

Never forget to help people around you sweet bears …

See you again …

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