The Princess And The Pea

In a land far far away there was a glorious kingdom. In the kingdom stood a great castle.

And inside the castle lived a handsome Prince. The Prince was sad. He longed for a true Princess to share his castle and kingdom, but he couldn't find one.

This was not because there was a lack of Princesses. In fact, the kingdom was full of fair maidens all claiming to be Princesses.

The Prince scoured the kingdom, meeting every one of these so-called Princesses. But he returned sad and empty handed.

'It is impossible to tell whether these are true Princesses!' he said to his Father, the King.

'You must be patient my son. You will know when you know said the King, with a knowing smile.

The Prince smiled back, then went to his chamber.

රියදුරන් සහ මගීන් අකණ්ඩව සමායෝජනය කිරීමේ වියාපෘති ය. - The Cyber Taxi Park

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